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Client designed living room bespoke lighting.

  • Origami Light before fitting.
  • Origami light in situ, bespoke lighting.
  • Final Darwin Design design pre fitting.

About This Project

With this project, the client already had a very clear idea of how they wanted their bespoke product to look.  They had already made a draft design out of card and we then ran through their ideas to establish the exact fixture they were after creating.

After discussing the look, feel and light requirements the customer desired we were then able to take the project back to the studio to plan the first draft.

We drew our initial ideas up on solid works and when we had a draft of what we had created we were able to go back to the client to discuss.  This gave clear details of the finish we could create, the size and illumination required for the space.

Darwin lighting cad drawing of Origami light.

The project required two lights mirroring each other.  They were to be placed either side of the fireplace in the living room.  We used LED strips fitted behind the triangle flats to accentuate the effect and give the perfect light distribution giving a sense of space and luxury as well as blending in with the existing décor.

The customer wanted a material which was solid and had a tangible weight to it, with this in mind the chosen material was 5mm thick brass which could then be water jet cut for shaping in the desired design.

Cutting and polishing the Brass.

The parts were brazed together but the front plate was screwed to the back plate so the LED could be easily replaced when required.  The light was finished with a washed verdigris finish.

Origami light being polished.


Living Room