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Finished bespoke lighting

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Table spot light

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Kitchen Lighting

Here at Darwin Lighting, we are experts in bespoke light fixtures. But what does this involve?

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Bespoke Chandellier

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How our products/designs can change a room for the better

Our products balance style with functionality, from traditional to contemporary.

Using our expertise we can ensure all areas are considered to give you that bespoke piece which perfectly enhances a room. Perhaps adding lighting controls/scenes to change the ambiance of the room at different times of the day, adding lamps to create little low pools of light to ensure the room looks cosier.  Working with light can make a room look larger, brighter or enhance a focal point within a room.  It is all about adding the right lighting to a room and ensuring the lights are energy efficient and environmentally sound.  We consider the size of the room, the ceiling height and the ambiance you are wanting to portray.


The types of lamps we produce and why they are amazing both bespoke and off the shelf

We can work with you to produce and design that special bespoke piece that stands out from the crowd for your home or workplace. Giving you a truly original statement fixture for inside or outside, using the finest materials and handcrafted with the customer in mind. We have also produced a variety of inspiring lights on our website to suit all budgets.


We were invited to supply and install a light for a theatre production.  We were given a brief of the play being performed and the design of the set.  After speaking with the Production Designer, a light in keeping with the venue and setting was designed and manufactured.  This formed the centrepiece of the stage and many compliments were received, a member of the cast purchased the light after the run of the show to use in their home.


Darwin Lighting has worked with many prestigious interior designers as well as supplying museums and galleries –  The main criteria to consider when lighting definitive areas is to ensure the right illusion is created in which the light casts different effects and impressions and maximises light exposure when necessary from using a range of soft overhead lighting to using picture lights which enhance all areas of the location and enticing the creation to come to life.

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